10 Amazing DIY Treehouse Ideas

DIY Treehouse Ideas

When I was a kid, my favorite thing to do with my dad was build treehouses. We started with a simple platform and added on from there, changing the design and adding new features as our skills improved. The day we finally finished my masterpiece, I had the time of my life playing in it. I loved that we’d built it together, and I loved how proud he was of me! That’s just one of many reasons why building or renovating your very own treehouse is so great. It can be a bonding activity for you and your kids or grandkids, plus the finished product will give everyone fun memories for years to come! But what should you keep in mind before starting out? How do you go about adding all those fun features? And what should said features be? Never fear—we’ve done the hard work for you right here:

Keep it simple.

Simple is good. Simplicity is the key to any good project, whether it’s a treehouse or an apartment renovation. You don’t want to overdo it and end up spending more time on the actual construction than you do enjoying your finished product. Keeping things simple will also mean that you and your kids will have an easier time using their new hideaway, which means more time for fun!

If you’re looking for a safe place where your family can relax, then there are several factors to consider when designing your treehouse: safety first!

Go mountain lodge style.

If you’re looking for a rustic, mountain lodge look, try to emulate the cozy feel of your favorite ski chalet in your treehouse.

  • Use wood and metal for the frame.
  • Use white paint or paneling on all interior walls. Light-colored surfaces reflect the natural light that pours into the space during the day, making it seem brighter and bigger than it actually is.
  • Add large windows that open outwards to let in plenty of fresh air and daylight. The more windows you have, the better—and don’t be afraid to use multiple angles where possible (for example: two small ones facing each other). A window seat is also a great addition here so that your family can sit together while enjoying beautiful views from inside their new home away from home!

Or go rustic chic.

  • Go Rustic Chic

If you love the look of wood, why not go all out with your treehouse? The features here are very rustic and natural. The walls are made from wood, which is also used for the flooring, along with some stone tiles. There’s a fireplace for when it’s cold outside or just for ambiance in general. A hammock hangs from above for relaxation time, and there is even a water source nearby if you need to wash up or cook something!

  • Build Your Dream Kitchen

Is there anything more fun than playing house? With this treehouse idea, you can build your own dream kitchen—complete with running water! Make sure to include an oven and stove so that you can bake treats whenever you want—and don’t forget about refrigeration!

Go glam.

  • You can add glamour to your treehouse by using a combination of different materials and colours. For example, use luxurious fabrics like velvet or silk to cover the seating area and then use more simple materials like wood for the flooring and banisters.
  • A little bling is always good too! Add mirrors everywhere, especially in the bathroom – nothing defines luxury more than looking at yourself in a mirror when you shower!
  • Another great idea is to add a chandelier. This will help create an elegant atmosphere that would be perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing after a long day’s work (if you’re living in such an extravagant treehouse).
  • And don’t forget about lighting! As well as adding lights inside your treehouse, make sure there are plenty of outside lights too so it doesn’t get dark suddenly when someone needs their late-night snack from the fridge after their third glass of wine…

Embrace modular.

If you want to make sure that your treehouse is built to last, modular design is a great way to go. Modular design means that the frame can be built in sections and then added on as the child grows older. This allows for expansion without having to dismantle and rebuild everything from scratch.

It also makes it much easier for younger or less-abled children in the family, who may be unable to climb into or make use of a high treehouse at first but could still benefit from being up there later on in their lives.

Make it a cozy escape.

  • Use natural materials. The treehouse should be made from as many natural materials as possible, including wood and stone.
  • Use natural lighting. Install lots of windows so that you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors and get plenty of light into your new treehouse retreat. If you need more illumination, try placing candles around the space for a romantic touch!
  • Use natural ventilation. Ventilation is important for keeping air circulating throughout your space in order to allow for proper heating and cooling, as well as removing moisture from the air (which will keep mold at bay). A good rule of thumb is to have at least one vent per occupant—so if your treehouse has two people living there full time (or one person with an intense love of snuggling), then plan on having two vents installed in addition to any windows/doors used for ventilation purposes too!

Add a few swinging seats.

You can also add a few swinging seats. If you have a rope, use it to hang the seats from the treehouse or from another high-up object. You can create a hammock out of rope, install a swing, or even use an old tire and hang it from the treehouse using a rope. This will give your kids something to do as they spend time in their new space!

Give it a modern twist.

A modern treehouse is clean and simple, with a focus on natural materials like wood. When choosing your furnishings and decor, look for pieces that have sleek lines and are made from glass, metal or other natural materials.

Modern design usually features white or grey finishes as well as minimal furniture in order to highlight the space’s openness. It’s a great way to create an airy feeling in any room of your home—including your treehouse!

Use the space to do something you’d never do in your house!

When you’re in the treehouse, you’ll have the best view of any activity happening at home. This can be a great time to do something that would seem childish or even gross if it happened in your house. For example, when we were kids, my brother and I used to play with our friends in our treehouse by throwing water balloons at each other from above. It was fun because we could get away with it without getting in trouble! If we did this at home, my mom would probably tell us not to waste the water or hurt ourselves by falling out of the treehouse.

So how can you use this space? Try doing something creative like painting or playing music; talk about your feelings; write poetry; dance around with no clothes on—be free! You’ll feel like an adult again (even if only for a few minutes) while still feeling safe enough to let loose and enjoy yourself without worrying about what others might think.

Make it fun and functional for kids of all ages.

  • Make it fun and functional for kids of all ages.
  • Give your treehouse a purpose. If you have kids, make sure you encourage them to use their treehouse as a place to play, relax, study or sleep. Once they get older they can also use it as a hangout space!

You can go as simple or elaborate as you like!

You can create a simple treehouse or one that is elaborate and luxurious. You can make it into an office, a playroom, or a guesthouse. You can use it as a place to relax by yourself or entertain guests. You can even make the treehouse your main residence! The main thing is to use your imagination and have fun with your project.

If you are going for something simple, try using cinder blocks for the foundation of your structure instead of building it from scratch like we did in “DIY Treehouse Ideas: How To Build A Treehouse From Scratch” (see link below). That saves time and money. It also makes it easier for you if there are more than two people helping build this DIY treehouse because cinder blocks don’t need any special tools other than what is used when laying bricks down on top of each other — shovels work great!

1. Cheap Treehouse

Simple in design, light, open and can go up and down easily. (DIY instructions at Apartment Therapy)

2. Pirate Hideout Treehouse

The dream of every child! Total project cost about 1800$ (DIY instructions at Instructables)

3. World-Class Backyard Treehouse

Super amazing treehouse design that is nicely centred around the single trunk. (DIY instructions at Popular Mechanics)

4. Spectacular Treehouse

This is a marvelous blend of green architecture, and organic design. (DIY instructions at Instructables)

5. A Handmade Hideaway

I love the idea of curtains, and painting the inside. (DIY instructions at The Handmade Home)

6. Simple Treehouse Plan

This treehouse is very easy to make using 2″x2″ and 2″x1″ pine and ¾” plywood. (DIY instructions at The Treehouse Guide)

7. Deluxe Treehouse

Don’t worry if you don’t have the right trees for a tree house. This free-standing treehouse can be built anywhere. (DIY instructions at The Classic Archives)

8. Simple Treefort

This is a great looking treefort you can build for around $500 (DIY instructions at Instructables)

9. Modern Treehouse

Modern in style but traditional in materials. (DIY instructions at Dornob)

10. Hanging Treehouse

Instead of a standard backyard treehouse, you can build a work of art that both kids and parents will love! (DIY instructions at DIY Network)


With these 10 DIY treehouse ideas, you’re sure to find inspiration for the perfect retreat for you and your family. Whether you want to go simple or rustic, glamorous or modern, this list covers all the bases. And if you’re worried about not having enough time or money, we have a few tips that can help you get started: choose a style based on your budget (simple is cheaper!); start small by building a platform with some supports from 2x4s; look into buying used materials from companies like Habitat for Humanity ReStore to save on costs; and lastly, be patient and persistent: it might take longer than expected or require more work than anticipated but don’t give up!.

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