15 Awesome Whole Pallet DIY Projects (No Disassembly Required!)

DIY Craft Idea Pallet Project

Wood pallets are such a great resource for a variety of projects. They’re durable, pretty easy to come by, and can be used to create many home decor accessories and furniture. Pallets can be painted or stained to match the existing decor of your room, or you can leave them natural for a more rustic look.

Here are 15 awesome whole pallet projects that you can make without taking a pallet apart. Because no cutting and disassembling is required, these projects are perfect for beginners!

1. Herb Planter

Turn an old pallet into a cheap, space saving herb planter – perfect for small gardens or balconies! (Instructions: Floral and Feather)

2. Pallet Christmas Tree

If you need an idea for some last-minute Christmas decoration for your home or party, try this pallet Christmas tree. (Instructions: Red Head Can Decorate)

3. Kitchen Shelf for Spices and Kitchenware

Don’t waste money on boring, store-bought shelving! Make your own, like this simple Rustic Pallet Kitchen Shelf. (Instructions: Vorstellung von Schoen)



4. Fold-Up Pallet Desk

The fold-up pallet desk is a good option for those with little space or for the kids to use for homework or craft projects. (Instructions: Thistlewood Farm)

5. Use Pallets as a Headboard

Just put 2 pallets behind the bed. (Photo via Stylizimo)

6. Make a Pallet Coffee Table with Glass Top and Wheels

Nothing is more appealing than having a beautiful, rustic pallet coffee table right in the middle of your living room. (Instructions: Plan B)

7. Garden Tool Rack

Keep all your gardening tools nice and organized with a pallet rack. (Photo via Mighty Max Carts)

Hidden Desk Apothecary Cabinet

8. Pallet Daybed

Turn two pallets into a cozy daybed that is perfect for afternoon naps. (Instructions: Under The Sycamore)

9. Pallet Console Table

This DIY pallet console table is perfect for those small or narrow spaces where a table is needed. Just paint a pallet, stand it up, and add a wooden tabletop. (Instructions: Kleinworth & Co)

10. Wall-Mounted Shelves

Hang a pallet on the wall, to display your favorite treasures and collections. (Instructions: Marty’s Musings)

11. A Pallet Swing Bed

Make a comfortable and inexpensive swing bed for the lazy days of summer! (Instructions: The Merrythought)

12. Bike Rack

If you don’t have a bike rack or stand for storing and keeping your bikes organized yet, then build one using pallets! (Instructions: Instructables)



13. Gardening Fold-Out Table

I love the fact that you can close it up when you’re not using it, so it doesn’t waste space. (Instructions: Jenna Burger)

14. Pallet Shoe Rack

Turn a wooden pallet into a handy shoe rack to keep shoes tidy and take away those last minute “I can’t find my shoes!” dilemmas. (Photo via Pallet Wood Projects)

15. Pallet Coat Rack

Sand the surface of the pallet and paint it in different colors. Then add some hooks to make it accomplished for hanging needs. (Photo via Marieatousprix)

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