15 DIY Projects to Make a Serving Tray

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Do you want to have a unique serving tray for every meal? If you say yes, you will not miss today’s post. It is going to show some DIY projects which will help you with a craft serving tray at home. After you finish the tutorial, you will satisfy with the results.

Here some DIY projects and have fun with your family. Also, you can finish the DIY crafts with your kids on holidays. The meaning of the DIY idea is considered as the money-saving project and one of the useful ways to kill your time.

Here are several DIY projects for you to make your own serving trays. You can use the simple materials to get a pretty tray with the DIY tutorials. Check them out and learn how to make a serving tray.

Chalkboard Serving Tray

– chalkboard-serving-tray via

Serving Tray by Wood

-serving-tray-by-wood via

Serving Try by Wine Bottle


-serving-try-by-wine-bottle via

DIY Serving Tray

diy-serving-tray via

Upgrade Your Serving Tray


upgrade-your-serving-tray via

Change Photo Frames into Serving Trays


change-photo-frames-into-serving-trays via

Serving Tray from a Cutting Board


serving-tray-from-a-cutting-board via

DIY Wood Slice Serving Tray


diy-wood-slice-serving-tray via

Picture Frame Tray


picture-frame-tray via

DIY Wine Barrel Inspired Tray


diy-wine-barrel-inspired-tray via

Beautify Your Serving Tray


beautify-your-serving-tray via

Cupboard Door Serving Tray


cupboard-door-serving-tray via

Winter Serving Tray


winter-serving-tray via

Creative Serving Tray


creative-serving-tray via

Glitter Gold Serving Tray


glitter-gold-serving-tray via

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