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15 Ideas of How to Recreate the Old Jars

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Are there any mason jars in your house and you don’t know how to deal with the old ones? Don’t worry. Today’s post is exact for you. It mainly tells you how to recreate the old jars. We don’t suggest that you throw the old bottles away. The old jars can not be just used to store things, but to lighten up your room.

How can a jar lighten up your room? You can put the bulbs, the small lights or candles into the jars. Before you make your jar lights on your own, you can wash the jars first and paint them in a way you like. It’s not hard for you to DIY jar lights. In addition, making a jar light on your own at home can not only save your money, but also create a beautiful home decoration.


Now check the ideas out and have jar lights for your home.

In this post 15 great and beautiful ideas for making lamps with mason jars

Looking for some cool, rustic lighting ideas for your home but don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on light fixtures? Honestly, I went to my local hardware store last weekend looking for some new lighting ideas for my bathroom and the offerings were not that great. I think the problem was that I really had my heart set on mason jar lights, and Lowes and Home Depot just don’t carry that sort of thing. Also, I want something romantic but elegant, inexpensive but certainly not cheap or tacky looking. After my disappointment, I took to Pinterest for ideas and put together a pretty awesome list of DIY mason jar lighting ideas, and thought I should share it with you. From sconces and wall fixtures, hanging lights and mason jar chandeliers, to candles and luminaries, these creative mason jar lights tutorials offer a little something for everyone. Dress up your porch, patio, bedroom, bathroom and living room with some awesome do it yourself lighting like these…

1. Rope Wrapped Mason Jar Lights

2. Outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier

3. DIY Mason Jar Vanity Light

4. DIY Succulent Chandelier

5. LED Mason Jar Lights

6. Rustic DIY Mason Jar Wall Lanterns

7. Turquoise Mason Jar Chandelier

8. Coffee Bean 5 Minute Mason Jar Lamp

9. DIY Recycled Glass Chandelier

10.Beautiful Mason Jar Chandelier

11.Mason Jar Light Fixture – Industrial Light

12.Gorgeous Rustic/Industrial Mason Jar Chandelier

13.Upcycle a Vanity Light Strip to a Hanging Pendant Light

14.Pipe Floor Lamp 4-fixture


15.Pipe Mason Jar Lamp


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