Apple Cinnamon Metabolism Water

Dr Oz recommended Apple Cinnamon Metabolism Detox Drink
Cinnamon Is a has a mighty good punch as a natural ingredient for weight loss. It contains natural thermogenic properties meaning it will rev up your metabolism in return you will burn calories better.

Apple Cinnamon Metabolism Water
Apple Cinnamon Metabolism Water


  • One Gallon Water
  • 4-6 Apples
  • 6 Cinnamon Sticks


  1. Simmer One Gallon of Water on the stove.
  2. Core your apples and place in the pot of water
  3. Add Cinnamon Sticks
  4. Simmer 15 minutes
  5. Add Apple Cinnamon Water into a glass pitcher and refrigerate.
  6. Once the container is halfway gone add additional water.
  7. This will last for about three four days then repeat.
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