Apple-Sweet Potato-Pumpkin Oatmeal

INGREDIENTS (2 Servings):

  • -1 Pumpkin Squash (halved, pulp removed, & seeds set aside)
  • -1 Cup Old Fashioned or Steel-Cut Oatmeal (cooked)
  • -1 Medium Sweet Potato (cubed)
  • -1 Granny Smith Apple (cubed)
  • -1 Tbspn Light Brown Sugar
  • -1 Tspn Vanilla
  • -1 Tspn Cinnamon
  • -1/2 Tspn Butter
  • -1/4 Tspn Nutmeg
  • -1 Pinch Salt


  1. -Pre-heat Oven to 400 Degrees & Grill to HOT.
  2. -Place Halved Pumpkin on Baking Sheet & Cook for 1hr or until Flesh is Tender.
  3. -Place Sweet Potato in Oven at same time as Pumpkin & Cook for 45min-1hr or until Tender.
  4. -Mainwhile apread Seeds across a SEPARATE Baking Sheet w/ Pinch of Salt & Bake for 30-45min.
  5. -Once Seeds, then Pumpkin & Potato have been removed from Oven… TIME TO GRILL.
  6. -Gently Spread Butter across Brim of Pumpkin Flesh, Flip Top-side Down over Grill.
  7. -Grill for 4-6min TOTAL, Turning 1/2 Turn after 2-3min.
  8. -Remove from Grill & Set aside to Rest.
  9. -In Medium Dish, Cook Oatmeal (1:1 Oats to Water).
  10. -Remove Oatmeal from Cooking Dish & Stir in Sugar, Cinnamon, & Nutmeg.
  11. -While Oatmeal Cools, Cube Potato & Apple.


  1. -Spoon Oatmeal into Halved, Baked, & GRILLED Pumpkin.
  2. -Top w/ Cubed Sweet Potato, Apples, Baked Seeds, & Final Dusting of Brown Sugar / Cinnamon.


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