Chocolate Strawberry Bar

Chocolate covered strawberry bar.
Strawberries are in season. This makes me very happy that I get to create fun recipes with them.
I saw this idea on Pinterest (duh!), but the link to the website that it was said that she just bought this strawberry chocolate bar in a bakery and I had no idea how it was done.

I thought I’d try to find out, and it has gone so wrong.
Also, it only took 20 minutes start to finish (more time to harden).
You can use the one you like chocolate, it’s as simple as looking at the pictures and follow.
Remember to switch off the top of the strawberries and place on a tip side ice cube tray. If you choose the small Put them whole.
Melt some chocolate and pour over strawberries.
Suggest leaving the chocolate hardens at room temperature. Freezing is a bad idea and do not think the cooling is much better. You want the strawberries to stay fresh and not get mushy.
Flip the tray and cut into pieces. Easy!
Note: For the chocolates look round as shown in the final image, use small strawberry, chocolate also flat round molds. I used one inherited from my aunt Magda. I’ll try with cherries, maybe encourage me to do some liquor fillings. Yummy!

Chocolate Strawberry Bar

Some round molds that you can use:

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