Cupcakes in dollar store champagne flutes

The holiday season and come Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

I saw on,these champagne flutes, and take time to gather several versions second holiday season .. The result was very good, one can release the imagination and fill with what you like more.

You will need:

  • 1 champagne glass per guest
  • Colorful candies, enough to fill each glass about halfway.
  • 1 colorful cupcake the right dimensions to fit into the glass opening

Some more Ideas:
You can used colored plastic ones (cost was about $2 for 6 glasses), but you could also use clear plastic ones.

On the stem, or near the base, tie a bow with ribbon Is great idea.. and If you have artificial greenery, such as holly leaves, that would look great tucked into ribbon. ( ideal for Christmas!)

To fill champagne flutes are some suggestions: gumdrops, saltwater taffy, peppermints, M & M’s or Christmas candy.

The amount you choose, just keep in mind: Leave about 1 1/2 “(or the height of the cupcake liner) unfilled as this space will be occupied by the cupcake. I also try to make the candy as even as possible at the top … it Does not Have to be perfect, but you want your cupcake to Be Able to sit as level as possible.

The cupcakes are carefully placed on top of the candy in the champagne flute. Most “regular” sized cupcakes will fit nicely in a champagne flute. And you can use store bought or homemade cupcakes.

Some images and ideas. Click on the image to see the original page

Cupcakes in dollar store champagne flutes. Source: Unknown(Let me know if you own this, thanks).

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