Grandma’s Cottage Cheese Salad

Grandma's Cottage Cheese Salad
Grandma's Cottage Cheese Salad

My family and I love cottage cheese! fresh salads, healthy vegetables, all combined in this recipe. Enjoy

Grandma’s Cottage Cheese Salad


  • -16 ounces cottage cheese (To lower the calories try low-fat cheese 1% works great)
  • -1/2 or 1 cup tomatoes – (This depends on how you would like the tomato if using large tomatoes cut in bit size pieces, If using cherry tomatoes, then just cut in half)
  • -1/4 cup onion (less or more) – (use your favorite onion I like I like the white onion)
  • -1/2 large cucumber cut into small cubes (cucumber is great in these salads!)
  • – fresh thyme herbs
  • -kosher salt
  • -freshly ground black pepper taste


In a medium size bowl, add cottage cheese and veggies – mix well. Season with kosher salt and freshly ground black. Serve chilled. Enjoy.

Condiments and seasonings:
Use your favorite seasonings, this well with:
light Italian dressing
Greek dressing
Lemon juice with a pinch of paprika

If you like spicy:
add a touch of tabasco sauce
I like the chipotle sauce adds spicy and smoky flavor

To vegetables:
You can add: Grated Carrot
chopped black olives
corn kernels ( fresh or can)
chopped radishes or jicama

At your service:
Toast (I use a cut Baguette sliced)
Your favorite crackers in my house use multigrain 5 seeds (I buy at Sams Club) This is so good !!! enjoy this summer!


Grandma's Cottage Cheese Salad
Grandma’s Cottage Cheese Salad

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