Ham and Cheese Roll-Up Bites

Bites of prosciutto and cheese, surrounded in dough and baked to golden brown. Mmmm…

Remember the days when you would shout out to Mom “Can you make me some pizza rolls?” Cheesy, meaty goodness wrapped up in a delish pizza dough was like heaven back in the day. (Still is when hunger strikes!)

My palate has grown up a bit over the years, so I’m really into bites with a bit of a sophisticated twist – like these Ham and Cheese Roll-Up Bites with prosciutto (that would be fancy Italian ham) and mozzarella (that would be Italian cheese of the Gods).

Whip up these fabulous eats in no time with Pillsbury refrigerated pizza dough. To start, just crack open a tube of dough and separate into 3 rectangle-shaped pieces. Push out with your fingertips on a greased baking sheet

Ham and Cheese Roll-Up Bites

  • Take prosciutto strips and lay ‘em down at one of the long sides of each dough rectangle. Sprinkle shredded cheese over the prosciutto.
  • Fold the long side up and over the filling, like so.
  • Bring the other long side up and over the filling, pinching the sides together on top to seal. Repeat with other dough rectangles so you have 3 long rolls. Sprinkle them with sea salt for a little flava.
  • Slice each roll into individual bites, 1” thick (so, 12 slices per roll or 36 total bites).
  • Pop into a preheated 425-degree oven for about 15 minutes, or until the dough is golden brown and the cheese is melty and delicious. Serve with toothpicks!
  • See, you CAN enjoy the tastes of your childhood while still being a respectable adult foodie!
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Ham and Cheese Roll-Up Bites


  • Pillsbury 1 tube refrigerated pizza dough
  • 12 slices prosciutto
  • shredded 2 cups mozzarella cheese


  1. Open can of pizza dough. Cut into 3 rectangle pieces and place onto greased cookie sheet, thinning out dough with fingertips.
  2. Lay 4 pieces of prosciutto along one of the long sides of each dough rectangle, and sprinkle 1/3 of the cheese on top of the prosciutto.
  3. Bring the edges of the dough over the top and pinch together. With a sharp knife, cut into 12 pieces per roll, each slice about one-inch thick.
  4. Sprinkle bites with sea salt. Bake for 15 minutes or until golden and cheese is melted.

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