Sherry Jelly Berry Trifle

Sherry Jelly Berry Trifle is a must for the Christmas or New Year party table. It is also a welcome addition, with or without the alcohol content, at a bring and share lunch. This family favourite version is creamy and fruity with a ‘kick’ of sherry. A traditional British dish, Trifle recipes often do not have jelly in them, but this is an adult version to bring back memories of childhood children’s parties with their jelly and fruit. Here I used mixed Strawberries and Raspberries but thought about adding cherries too, so it could have been a Sherry Jelly Berry Cherry Trifle. In fact why not make it a Christmas tongue twister: and have a Merry Sherry Jelly Berry (Cherry?) Trifle!!
The time can be reduced by using frozen fruits and/or adding part ice cubes or part iced water to set the jelly. lady fingers can be replaced with angel food cake or slices of sponge cake or Swiss Roll. Unsweetened fruit can be rather tart so may need some extra sweetener if a sugar free jelly is used. The jelly packet instructions will probably say that 1pt water is needed for each jelly, but it is always wise to make the jelly stronger to help it to set, especially in warm weather and at short notice. Change the fruit if you wish, though beware using Kiwi fruit which stop jelly from setting. (I understand Pineapple can cause problems as well.) The quantity of sherry used is up to personal choice: if necessary simply adjust the amount to taste. If you wish or need to leave out the sherry altogether that’s fine, but it won’t be the same.
Some ingredients are linked , this is for you to have an idea, do not necessarily have to buy these products .. you just look at and grasp the idea .

Christmas Spiced Sherry Trifle


Sherry Jelly Berry Trifle

(Serves 8)

  • 12 lady fingers (What can I substitute for lady fingers?Pound cake or angel food cake should both work well.)
  • 3 fl ozs, aprox, sweet sherry (I use Regina Sherry Cooking Wine, 12 fl oz)
  • Instant custard: (Jell-O Spanish Style Custard With Caramel Sauce Flan, 3 oz)
  • 4 cups of milk to make the custard. (If you do not get custard, then you can replace it with vanilla pudding.)
  • 16 oz Whipping cream
  • sugar for Whipping cream (to taste)
  • 2 packets raspberry (or strawberry) jelly
  • 2 cup water (or mixed fruit juice & water, if using tinned fruits)
  • 1lb 8ozs mixed berries: strawberries, raspberries…

1. Using a glass bowl if possible so the layers are visible, line the bottom with lady fingers and soak evenly with the sherry.

2. If you are using sugar free jelly you may wish to pre-sweeten any fresh fruit you are using at this point.

3. Make up the custard powder as directed on package, or if you only have vanilla pudding, prepare it as directed on package. You will need 3 cups vanilla pudding.
If you make the custand leave to go cold. If necessary this can be speeded up by standing in a bowl of cold water.

4. If using tinned fruits, drain off and reserve any fruit juices. Make up the jelly with ½pint boiling water and make sure that it is fully dissolved (a quick burst in the microwave can help with this). Add reserved fruit juice and additional water to make jelly up to 1½pints in total. (The jelly packet instructions will probably say that 1pt water is needed for each jelly, but it is always wise to make this mixture stronger to help it to set, especially in Summer.)

5. Scatter the fruits in an even layer over the lady fingers (or alternative cake or angel food cake) in the dish and pour over enough jelly to surround the fruit. This first layer is to ensure that the fruit does not float, although this is not absolutely essential. Reserve enough jelly to put a final layer on the fruit when the first layer has set.

6. Put the bowl in the refrigerator to help set the jelly. Watch the remaining jelly making sure it does not set in the jug: to prevent this heat it slightly in the microwave if necessary or stand in a bowl of hot water.

7. When the first layer of jelly has set, pour over the remaining jelly and return to the fridge to set.

8. When the second layer of jelly has set, pour over the cold custard and put in the fridge to set.

9. whip the cream until thick. Place in a pastry bag and form peaks

10. Decorate the top with Dragees Multicolor Sugar Cake Cupcake Cookie Sprinkles


Recipe modified from

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