Stuffed Crust Pizza Recipe

This is an incredibly simple way to jazz up your next pizza night. Surprise your family with some stuffed crust pizza! Make sure you mix up some extra pizza sauce for dipping too!

Start by mixing up a batch of dough. The Dough Recipe Here


Spread the dough out a little more than you normally would, and lay out your string cheese.

Now fold over the dough and press to seal well.

Par-bake the crust and then top with your favorite toppings. Finish baking as you would any crust, and then let cool for about 5 minutes before you cut and enjoy!


Stuffed Crust Pizza

The Dough Recipe Here


• 6-8 unwrapped string cheese
• pizza dough recipe
• toppings of your choice


• Prepare dough and spread out on pan. Place string cheese on it and fold dough over sealing the edges well.
• Half bake crust before topping it with your favorite sauce/cheese/toppings combination.

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