Tropical Breakfast Parfaits

Parfaits are a great way to mix up your breakfast routine. Or if you are like me — someone who doesn’t really love a bowl of cereal with milk — they are a staple! But they aren’t just for breakfast either. Parfaits make delicious and healthy desserts for after dinner

These are great for summer breakfasts or even a healthier dessert option.!!!!

One of our favorite types of parfaits to make is Tropical Fruit Parfaits. They are especially good if you can find coconut yogurt, but vanilla is just fine as a substitute. I love the juicy flavors of tropical fruit combined with crunchy granola and creamy yogurt. It is so refreshing!

For an extra protein boost, try Greek-style yogurt, which typically has twice the protein of regular yogurt. That makes this recipe a perfect post-workout snack.

If you have children, consider prepping all the ingredients and setting them out in bowls so everyone can assemble their own. Mine think this is lots of fun. You can use any bowl, but I love to use clear juice glasses so you can see all the colorful layers inside.

Tip: to toast coconut, sprinkle the coconut on a piece of foil. Place the foil on top of the rack in your toaster oven and toast for 2-3 minutes (on mine I select the lightest setting for toast). Keep an eye on it though, because coconut can burn easily.

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