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Waffle Ham and Cheese Quesadilla

It seems last week’s Waffle-Iron Hashbrowns was a hit!If you missed that post, please view it here: Waffle-Iron Hashbrowns

I decided to experiment a little more with the ole’ waffle maker.
Tonight we made….
…Waffle Quesadillas with Ham and Cheese!

Super Yum!

It is so simple that you loved this!!!

Waffle Ham & Cheese Quesadilla

Waffle Ham & Cheese Quesadilla

Cut a bit of ham and cheese and reserve
The amounts are to everyone’s taste , some people like a lot of cheese , like me and others of more like ham.
But for each quesadilla quarter cup of the two ( 1/4 cup ham and 1/4 cup cheese) is ideal.

Okay, now we’re ready for the Quesadilla’s.
Heat up your waffle maker and let’s get started.

Step 1: Spray with Pam cooking spray
Step 2: Place one small tortilla on the bottom of the Waffle Maker and stack with your favorite toppings.
Below, Ham and Mozzarella Cheese. Yum.

Step 3: Place a 2nd tortilla on top and close the waffle maker
Step 4: Cook for about 4 minutes until done

Sooo Yummy!

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