Hello dear fans !!!
We have received a ton of emails asking for a new book of easy recipes. After much effort and many expectations, today I present our new baby, format E-BOOK

50 Easy & Fast Delicious Recipes


This book was thought, written and developed for anyone with little time that wants to prepare something simple, delicious and easy to make

You may be meeting friends, receiving unexpected guests, throwing parties, or simply about to watch some football (Game Time! Oh yeah!). If you need easy to eat and easy to make snacks, here you’ll find 50 1-2-3 Ready to Serve!

Check out some of the mouth-watering recipes below

The Salty Tooth
With 30 delicious and easy to make recipes that will satisfy your salty tooth.

  • -Bacon, Jalapeno and Cheddar Bites
  • -Baked Cheese Ravioli
  • -BBQ Chicken Sliders
  • -Chicken and Bean Bake
  • -Grilled Cheese Pull Apart Bread
  • -Skillet Dinner Rolls with Artichoke Spinach Dip
  • -Vegetarian Queso Fundido
  • -Sausage Bubble Pizza
  • -Mediterranean Vegetables Puff Pizza… and more

The Sweet Tooth
With 20 tasty and easy to make recipes that willl satisfy your sweet tooth.

  • -Caramel Macciato Crescent Rolls
  • -Cinnamon Roll French Toast
  • -Dulce de Leche Puff Pastry
  • -Salted Caramel Apple Dip with Mini Palmiers
  • -Zesty Lemon Rolls
  • -Chocolate Hazelnut, Peanut Butter and Banana Bites
  • -Chocolate Chip Cookie and Smores…and more


Each recipe has:

  • serving portion
  • preparation time
  • cooking time
  • calories per serving
  • Tips and variations
  • Each recipe also has the step by step with pictures.

Ideas and tips for a quick and easy snack are just a few pages away, many of these appetizers can even be prepared in advance. Freeze them and then heat them before serving.
Also, in each recipe, you will find the calories per serving. This will allow you eat freely while controlling your calorie intake.

This book is dedicated to all our supporters and fans, without them we could not be here today resenting this book. infinite thanks, hope you like. God bless you!

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