How to Make a Graham Cracker Gingerbread House

How to Make a Graham Cracker Gingerbread House


  • Graham crackers (get a name brand, generic ones break easy)
  • Frosting in a decorator bag
  • Assorted candies

Here are some examples to decorate :

  • Royal icing
  • Graham crackers
  • Green and red food coloring
  • Licorice Allsorts
  • Butter waffle cookies
  • Spoon-size shredded wheat-and-bran cereal
  • Jelly Belly jelly beans
  • Old-fashioned stick candy
  • Green Chuckles
  • Green apple gum by the foot
  • Red Twizzlers
  • Haribo raspberry candies
  • Spearmint leaves
  • Green rock-candy lollipops
  • Red gumdrops
  • Red fruit leather
  • Black licorice Scotty dog


1.Mix 1pack of confectioner’s sugar, 1/2 spoon cream of tartar and 3 egg whites thoroughly in a bowl. When the frosting is smooth and glossy (about 3 minutes), it is ready.

2.Make a basic house shape by cutting two graham crackers so that they have a point at one end like the peak of a roof. Work slowly so that the cracker doesn’t break. Sometimes it helps to draw a line with the knife, cutting partially through the cracker first. Then run the knife along the line again to cut the rest of the way through. Take three more graham crackers and break them in half so that you have 6 squares. If your cracker breaks, don’t worry! Put icing along the broken edge and “glue” the piece back together. making gingerbread walls

3.Pipe a line of icing along the bottom and two sides of one pointed graham cracker. Pipe along the bottom edge of a square graham cracker. Place the pointed graham cracker and square cracker onto the plate so that they form two sides of a square. Add the second pointed cracker and another square cracker to complete the square, adding icing along the edges to hold the crackers together. Make sure that the pointed crackers are attached to the inside of the square crackers or they will be too far apart to hold the roof up. Pipe along the top edge of the house and add the roof.

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assembled graham cracker gingerbread house

4.Let the structures dry on the paper plates for at least an hour. The frosting will dry into a hard and edible “glue.”


1.After the graham cracker structure is hardened, you can begin decorating. Simply pipe the frosting wherever you want it, and press candy into the frosting before it sets up.

2.Use your imagination with decorating. Create shingles, window shutters, doorknobs and more with different kinds of candy.

3.Try using bits of graham cracker for other features of the house, such as a door or chimney. Attach these to the cracker structure with frosting and decorate accordingly.

4.Don’t limit yourself to the graham cracker house alone. Use the “yard” around the house to complete the scene. Try using upside-down ice cream cones for trees, or licorice ropes for a fence. There is no end to the creative things that can be done to a graham cracker gingerbread house.

5.Those with a steady hand can create frosting icicles on the candy house. Simply start at the roof eaves and gently squeese a bit of frosting out, then pull downward until the frosting hangs like an icicle.

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