UFO Chocolate Cherry

On Valentine I found at the local supermarket a box of delicious candy, the wrap was very nice and came over a mold that I do not discard. I knew that someday I use this candy mold. I had a craving for chocolate cherries but did not want to just dip them in chocolate, so put cherries in the mold they were great!

They seem extraterrestrial ships. lol UFO !!!! my son, six years old, love the idea and helped them. This is very simple … can use any mold, also place strawberries, blueberries, or any of your favorite fruit. Place some chocolate in the mold, cherries dipped in chocolate and put in pan, and cover with more chocolate .. take the freezer for 15 minutes and go! (I let them stick to cherries, otherwise the ships can not fly)

Here video Step by Step

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